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Why do Frenchies Cost What they do???

Well, I will tell you why.  The Cost of a French Bulldog is what it is due to many reasons. First let me start by saying frenchies have to be bred by Artificial Insimination, therefore they need progesterone testing to determine when this procedure needs to happen. Progesterone testing can get pretty costly when you have to test several times before breeding. Then there may be  stud fee that is costly if the male is not owned. For Moms safety they must have C sections, which means a lot of temperature testing to determine the right time to do the C Section. The C section alone is pretty costly let alone if she goes into labor in the middle of the night or on the weekend and we have to pay for emergency vet care. Then due to C sections the mother usually does not drop milk for sometimes several days.  Therefore, there is tube and bottle feeding around the clock every 2 hours and stimulating them to use the restroom.  Mind you we are doing ALL of this for somethimes 1 but usually no more than 4 puppies. After Mom starts to take over you still are changing, cleaning, feeding mom, sometimes suplementing puppies, and still getting no sleep for weeks because you are worried that one will get laid on etc.... Breeding French Bulldogs is a lot of work, time, and energy. Trust me when I tell you that there is really no way to gain profit. Most of us just love the breed is why we do this. I want to create amazing babies for the show ring and amazing babies that will be great companions/pets. So when you ask Why do frenchies cost so much, this is why!

Granted you can buy frenchies that are less expensive but I assure you that you are not getting quality. You are also not getting correct show quality frenchies for "Cheap" This is why I say "you get what you pay for". I have frenchies that are 7 to 10 years old and have never had one single health problem, such as breathing problems, allergies, etc... This is because our breeding program is strategially planned and we make sure to breed only the healthiest and sound parents possible. Health testing also plays a big role. I breed Frenchies not because I make money "Believe me I DON'T" but because I love the smashed face little clowns. Frenchies are not my Whole Life however, they make my life WHOLE!!!